Accounting controls

These options are enabled separately, and define how the switch will send accounting data to a RADIUS server:
  • Start-Stop: Applies to the exec, network, and system accounting service types:
    • Send a "start record accounting" notice at the beginning of the accounting session and a "stop record notice" at the end of the session. Both notices include the latest data the switch has collected for the requested accounting type.

    • Do not wait for an acknowledgment.

  • Stop-Only: Applies to the network, exec, system, and command service types, as described below:
    • Send a stop record accounting notice at the end of the accounting session. The notice includes the latest data the switch has collected for the requested accounting type (network, exec, or system service types). For the commandsservice type, sends the "Stop" accounting notice after execution of each CLI command.

    • Do not wait for an acknowledgment.The system option always delivers stop-only operation because the switch sends the accumulated data only when there is a reboot, reload, or accounting on/off event.

  • Interim-Update: Applies only to the command service type, and is intended for use when the optional common session ID is configured. Enabling interim-update in this case results in the command accounting records appearing as enclosed sub-parts of the exec service type record for a given management session. Using interim-update when the unique session ID is configured has no effect because in this case, the different service types appear as separate accounting processes with separate Acct-Session-ID values.


Configuring interim-update for Command accounting results in all commands being reported as "update" records, regardless of whether common or unique is configured for the accounting session ID.


aaa accounting <exec|network|system> <start-stop|stop-only> <radius|syslog>
no aaa accounting <exec|network|system> <start-stop|stop-only> <radius|syslog>

aaa accounting command <stop-only|interim-only> <radius|syslog>
no aaa accounting command <stop-only|interim-only> <radius|syslog>

Configures RADIUS accounting service type and how data will be sent to the RADIUS server.


Specifies an accounting service type to configure. See Accounting service types.

start-stop: Applies to exec, network, and system accounting service types.

stop-only: Applies to all accounting service types.

radius: Uses RADIUS as the accounting period.

syslog: Uses syslog as the accounting protocol.

interim-update: Applies to the commands accounting service type.


To configure RADIUS accounting on the switch with start-stop for Exec functions, stop-only for system functions, and interim-update for commands functions.

Example of configuring accounting types and controls


If the switch is configured with RADIUS accounting on the switch to use start-stop for Exec, System, and Command functions, there will be an "Accounting-On" record when the switch boots up and an "Accounting-Off" record when the switch reboots or reloads. (Assume that Acct-Session-Id is configured for common.)

Example of accounting session operation with "start-stop" enabled