Enabling or disabling IGMP on a VLAN

You can enable IGMP on a VLAN, along with the last-saved or default IGMP configuration (whichever was most recently set), or you can disable IGMP on a selected VLAN.


 ip igmp
no ip igmp

Enables IGMP on a VLAN. This command must be executed in a VLAN context.

Enabling IGMP on VLAN 1

switch(vlan-1)# vlan 1 ip igmp

– or –

switch(vlan-1)# ip igmp

Disabling IGMP on VLAN 1

switch(config)# no vlan 1 ip igmp
switch(vlan-1)# no ip igmp

If you disable IGMP on a VLAN and then later re-enable IGMP on that VLAN, the switch restores the last-saved IGMP configuration for that VLAN. For more information on how switch memory operates, see the chapter "Switch Memory and Configuration" in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.

You can also combine the ip igmp command with other IGMP-related commands, as described in the following sections.