Configuring delayed group flush

When enabled, this feature continues to filter IGMP groups for a specified additional period after IGMP leaves have been sent. The delay in flushing the group filter prevents unregistered traffic from being forwarded by the server during the delay period. In practice, this is rarely necessary on the switches, which support data-driven IGMP. (Data-driven IGMP, which is enabled by default, prunes off any unregistered IGMP streams detected on the switch.)


igmp delayed-flush <0-255>

Where leaves have been sent for IGMP groups, enables the switch to continue to flush the groups for a specified period. This command is applied globally to all IGMP-configured VLANs on the switch.

Range: 0 - 255; Default: Disabled (0)


show igmp delayed-flush

Displays the current igmp delayed-flush setting.