Support for port speed and duplex advertisements

This feature is optional for LLDP operation, but is required for LLDP-MED operation.

Port speed and duplex advertisements are supported on the switches to inform an LLDP endpoint and the switch port of each other's port speed and duplex configuration and capabilities. Configuration mismatches between a switch port and an LLDP endpoint can result in excessive collisions and voice quality degradation. LLDP enables discovery of such mismatches by supporting SNMP access to the switch MIB for comparing the current switch port and endpoint settings. (Changing a current device configuration to eliminate a mismatch requires intervention by the system operator.)

An SNMP network management application can be used to compare the port speed and duplex data configured in the switch and advertised by the LLDP endpoint. You can also use the CLI to display this information. For more information on using the CLI to display port speed and duplex information, seeViewing the current port speed and duplex configuration on a switch port.