Mapping SNMPv3 communities (CLI)

SNMP commuities are supported by the switch to allow management applications that use version 2c or version 1 to access the switch. For more details, see SNMPv3 communities.


[no] snmpv3 community

Maps or removes a mapping of a community name to a group access level. To remove a mapping you need to specify only the index_name parameter.

index <index_name>

An index number or title for the mapping. The values of 1 to 5 are reserved and can not be mapped.

name <community_name>

The community name that is being mapped to a group access level.

sec-name <security_name>

The group level to which the community is being mapped.

tag <tag_value>

This is used to specify which target address may have access by way of this index reference.


The following image shows the assigning an Operator community on MgrStation1 to the CommunityOperatorReadWrite group. Any other operator has an access level of CommunityOperatorReadOnly.

Assigning a community to a group access level