Enabling SNMPv2c informs (CLI)

For information about enabling SNMPv2c informs, see SNMPv2c informs.


[no] snmp-server host {< ipv4-addr | ipv6-addr >} <community name> inform [retries < count >] [timeout < interval >]

Enables (or disables) the inform option for SNMPv2c on the switch and allows you to configure options for sending SNMP inform requests.


Maximum number of times to resend an inform request if no SNMP response is received.(Default: 3)


Number of seconds to wait for an acknowledgement before resending the inform request.(Default: 15 seconds)


The retries and timeout values are not used to send trap requests.

To verify the configuration of SNMPv2c informs, enter the show snmp-server command, as shown in the following image (note indication of inform Notify Type in bold):

Display of SNMPv2c inform configuration

switch(config)# show snmp-server

 SNMP Communities

  Community Name   MIB View Write Access
  ---------------- -------- ------------ public          Manager  Unrestricted

 Trap Receivers

  Link-Change Traps Enabled on Ports [All] : All
  Address               Community       Events Sent Notify Type Retry Timeout
  --------------------- --------------- ----------- ----------- ----- --------
  15.28.333.456         guest           All         inform      3     15

 Excluded MIBs

 Snmp Response Pdu Source-IP Information

  Selection Policy   : Default rfc1517

 Trap Pdu Source-IP Information 
  Selection Policy   : Configured IP 
  Ip Address        :