Cycling power on a port

Simply disabling a PoE port does not affect power delivery through that port. To cycle the power on a PD receiving power from a PoE port on the switch, disable, then re-enable the power to that port.


[no] interface [e] <port-list> power

Re-enables PoE operation on <port-list> and restores the priority setting in effect when PoE was disabled on <port-list>. The [no] form of the command disables PoE operation on <port-list>. (Default: All 10/100Base-TX ports on the switch enabled for PoE operation at Low priority.)

For example, to cycle the power on a PoE device connected to port 1 on a switch covered in this guide:

switch(config)# no interface 1 power
switch(config)# interface 1 power