Configuring the savepower LED option

The savepower led command provides the ability to turn off port LEDs even when a link exists. If power-saving is enabled, it can be temporarily overridden by the LED Mode button on the front panel. If the LED Mode button is pressed, the LEDs will behave normally (turn on) for a period of 10 minutes, and then turn off again.


[no] savepower led

Turns power-saving option on or off for the LEDs.

The savepower led command

switch(config)# savepower led

The no form of the savepower led command cancels power saving mode and the LEDs are returned to their original state.

To display the configured status of the LED power-saving option, use the show savepower led command.

Output of the show savepower led command

switch(config)# show savepower led

 LED Save Power Information

Configuration Status : Enabled