Configuring a source switch in a local mirroring session

Enter the mirror port command on the source switch to configure an exit port on the same switch. To create the mirroring session, use the information gathered in High-level overview of the mirror configuration process.


mirror 1 port exit-port-# [name name-str] no mirror 1

Assigns the exit port to use for the specified mirroring session and must be executed from the global configuration level.


Identifies the mirroring session created by this command. (Multiple sessions on the switch can use the same exit port.)

name name-str

Optional alphanumeric name string used to identify the session ( up to 15 characters)

port exit-port-#

Exit port for mirrored traffic in the remote session. This is the port to which a traffic analyzer or IDS is connected.

The no form of the command removes the mirroring session and any mirroring source previously assigned to that session.