Changing the threshold for generating a power notice

By default, PoE support is enabled on the switch’s 10/100Base-TX ports, with the power priority set to Low and the power threshold set to 80 (%). The following commands allow you to adjust these settings.


power threshold <1-99>

The power threshold is a configurable percentage of the total PoE power available on the switch. When PoE consumption exceeds the threshold, the switch automatically generates an SNMP trap and also sends a message to the Event Log. For example, if the power threshold is set to 80% (the default), and an increasing PoE power demand crosses this threshold, the switch sends an SNMP trap and generates this Event Log message:

PoE usage has exceeded threshold of 80 %.

If the switch is configured for debug logging, it also sends the same message to the configured debug destination(s).

The switch automatically invokes the power threshold at the global configuration level with a default setting of 80%. You can configure the power threshold to a value in the range of 1% to 99%.

If an increasing PoE power load (1) exceeds the configured power threshold (which triggers the log message and SNMP trap), and then (2) later begins decreasing and drops below the threshold again, the switch generates another SNMP trap, plus a message to the Event Log and any configured Debug destinations. To continue the above Example:

PoE usage is below configured threshold of 80 %.