Assigning users to groups (CLI)

Next you must set the group access level for the user by assigning the user to a group. The access level for the user is done with the snmpv3 group command as shown in the following image. For more details on the MIBs access for a given group, see Group access levels.

Example: of assigning users to groups


[no] snmpv3 group

Assigns or removes a user to a security group for access rights to the switch. To delete an entry, all the following three parameters must be included in the command:

group <group_name>

Identifies the group that has the privileges that will be assigned to the user. For more details, see Group access levels.

user <user_name>

Identifies the user to be added to the access group that must match the user name added with the snmpv3 user command.

sec-model {<ver1 | ver2c | ver3>

Defines which security model to use for the added user. An SNMPv3 access group use only the ver3 security model.