Displaying all SNTP server addresses configured on the switch (CLI)

The System Information screen in the menu interface displays only one SNTP server address, even if the switch is configured for two or three servers. The CLI show management command displays all configured SNTP servers on the switch.

How to list all SNTP servers configured on the switch

switch(config)# show management
 Status and Counters - Management Address Information

  Time Server Address : fe80::215:60ff:fe7a:adc0%vlan10

  Priority SNTP Server Address                            Protocol Version
  -------- ---------------------------------------------- ----------------
  1 2001:db8::215:60ff:fe79:8980                          7
  2                                           3
  3 fe80::123%vlan10                                      3

  Default Gateway :

  VLAN Name    MAC Address         | IP Address
  ------------ ------------------- + -------------------
  DEFAULT_VLAN 001279-88a100       | Disabled
  VLAN10       001279-88a100       |