Configuring session blocking and interim updating options (optional)

These optional parameters give you additional control over accounting data.
  • Updates: In addition to using a Start-Stop or Stop-Only trigger, you can optionally configure the switch to send periodic accounting record updates to a RADIUS server.

  • Suppress: The switch can suppress accounting for an unknown user having no user name.


aaa accounting update periodic <1-525600>
no aaa accounting update periodic <1-525600>

Sets the accounting update period for all accounting sessions on the switch.

The no form disables the update function and resets the value to zero.

Default: zero; disabled


aaa accounting suppress null-username
no aaa accounting suppress null-username

Disables accounting for unknown users having no username.

Default: suppression disabled

To continue the example in Accounting controls, suppose you want the switch to:
  • Send updates every 10 minutes on in-progress accounting sessions.

  • Block accounting for unknown users (no username).

Example of optional accounting update period and accounting suppression on unknown user