1. Determine a VID and VLAN name suitable for your Management VLAN.
  2. Plan your topology to use switches that support Management VLANs.
  3. Include only the following ports:
    1. Ports to which you will connect authorized management stations.
    2. Ports on one switch that you will use to extend the Management VLAN to ports on other switches.
  4. Half-duplex repeaters dedicated to connecting management stations to the Management VLAN can also be included in this topology. Any device connected to a half-duplex repeater in the Management VLAN will also have Management VLAN access.
  5. Configure the Management VLAN on the selected switch ports.
  6. Test the Management VLAN from all of the management stations authorized to use it, including any SNMP-based network management stations. Also test any Management VLAN links between switches.


If you configure a Management VLAN on a switch using a Telnet connection through a port not in the Management VLAN, you will lose management contact with the switch if you log off your Telnet connection or execute write memory and reboot the switch.