Globally-configured QoS

Globally-configured QoS operation supports the following types of packet classification and traffic marking on outbound port and VLAN traffic.

  • Globally configured packet classification criteria include:
    • IPv4 device: source and destination address

    • Layer 2 802.1p priority (VLAN header)

    • Layer 3 protocol (such as ARP, IP, IPX, RIP)

    • Layer 3 IPv4 Type of Service (ToS) byte: IP precedence or DSCP bits

    • Layer 3 IPv6 Traffic Class byte: IP precedence or DSCP bits

    • Layer 4 Source and Destination UDP/TCP application port

    • Source port on the switch

    • VLAN ID

  • Traffic marking options are as follows:
    • Setting the Layer 2 802.1p priority value in VLAN-tagged and untagged packet headers

    • Setting the Layer 3 Differentiated Services Codepoint (DSCP) bits in the ToS byte of IPv4 packet headers and Traffic Class byte of IPv6 headers.