radius-server tracking request-packet-count


radius-server tracking request-packet-count <PACKET-COUNT>
no radius-server tracking request-packet-count <PACKET-COUNT>


Allows configuration of the number of request packets to be sent for RADIUS tracking.

The no form of this command resets the packet count value to the default of three.

Command context




Number of request packets to be sent for tracking.

Default value is 3. Values allowed are 1 to 5.


switch(config)# show radius              
 Status and Counters - General RADIUS Information

 Dead RADIUS server are preceded by *

  Deadtime (minutes)             : 0           
  Timeout (seconds)              : 5           
  Retransmit Attempts            : 3           
  Global Encryption Key          :                                             
  Dynamic Authorization UDP Port : 3799                                        
  Source IP Selection            : Outgoing Interface
  Tracking                       : Enabled
  Request Packet Count           : 2
  Track Dead Servers Only        : Enabled
  Tracking Period (seconds)      : 300
  CPPM Identity                  :

                  Auth  Acct  DM/ Time   |
  Server IP Addr  Port  Port  CoA Window |
  --------------- ----- ----- --- ------ +

switch(config)#show running-config
 radius-server tracking req-packet-count 2