show ip igmp vlan group source

This command is used to show IGMP group/source information for a VLAN.


show ip igmp vlan <vid> group <ip4-addr> source <ip4-addr>

Example output

Below is the output when version is set to 3.

switch(vlan-60)# show ip igmp vlan 60 group source
  VLAN ID : 60     VLAN Name : VLAN60

  Group Address   :                                    
  Source Address  :                                   
  Source Type     : Filter         

  Port Mode Uptime   Expires  Configured Mode
  ---- ---- -------- -------- ---------------
  1    INC  3m 31s   2m 20s   auto

Usage errors

Error condition

Error message

Attempt to pass a nonexistent group

ipv4 address Group address is not found.