IP interface parameters for routing switches

The following table lists the interface-level IP parameters for routing switches.

IP interface parameters — routing switches





IP address

A Layer 3 network interface address; separate IP addresses on individual VLAN interfaces.

None configured



A numeric cost the router adds to RIP routes learned on the interface. This parameter applies only to RIP routes.

1 (one)

Configuring RIP parameters

ICMP Internet Router Discovery Protocol (IRDP)

Locally overrides the global IRDP settings. See IP global parameters for routing switches for global IRDP information.


Enabling IRDP globally

IP helper address

The IP address of a UDP application server (such as a BootP or DHCP server) or a directed broadcast address. IP helper addresses allow the routing switch to forward requests for certain UDP applications from a client on one subnet to a server on another subnet.

None configured

Configuring an IP helper address

1See the chapter "Configuring IP Addressing" in the Management and Configuration Guide for your switch.