[no] ip-sla <ID> monitor threshold-config


[no] ip-sla <ID> monitor threshold-config [rtt | srcTodstTime | dstToSrcTime] 
threshold-type [immediate | consecutive <COUNT>] threshold-value <UPPER-LIMIT> 
<LOWER-LIMIT> action-type [trap | log | trap-log | none]


Set upper and lower threshold parameters.
  • threshold-type immediate: Take action immediately when the monitored parameters cross the threshold upper limit (subsequent notifications for upper thresholds are not generated until the parameter values go lower than the configured lower threshold value).
  • threshold-type consecutive: Take action after threshold is hit consecutively for number of times.
  • action-type: Describes action to be taken when the upper threshold is crossed.
  • trap: Send snmp-trap when configured threshold is hit.
  • log: Only log the event when configured threshold is hit.
  • trap-log: Send snmp-trap and log the event when configured threshold is hit.
  • none: Take no action.

The command option threshold-config can be individually set for rtt, srcTodstTime, and dstToSrcTime.