Viewing the global PoE power status of the switch


show power-over-ethernet [brief | [[ethernet] <port-list>] | [slot <slot-id-range> | all>]]

Displays the switch's global PoE power status, including:

  • Total Available Power

    Lists the maximum PoE wattage available to provision active PoE ports on the switch. This is the amount of usable power for PDs.

  • Total Failover Power

    Lists the amount of PoE power available in the event of a single power supply failure. This is the amount of power the switch can maintain without dropping any PDs.

  • Total Redundancy Power

    Indicates the amount of PoE power held in reserve for redundancy in case of a power supply failure.

  • Total Remaining Power
    The amount of PoE power still available.

    Displays PoE information for each port. See Viewing PoE status on all ports.


    Displays PoE information for the ports in port-list. See Viewing the PoE status on specific ports.


    Displays PoE information for the selected slots. See Showing the PoE information by slot).Enter the all option to display the PoE information for all slots.

The show power-over-ethernet displays data similar to that shown in show power-over-ethernet command output.

show power-over-ethernet command output

switch(config)# show power-over-ethernet

 Status and Counters - System Power Status

  Pre-standard Detect  : On
  System Power Status  : No redundancy
  PoE Power Status     : No redundancy

 Chassis power-over-ethernet

  Total Available Power  :  600 W
  Total Failover Power   :  300 W
  Total Redundancy Power :    0 W
  Total Used Power       :    9 W +/- 6W
  Total Remaining Power  :  591 W

 Internal Power
        1  300W/POE  /Connected.
        2  300W/POE  /Connected.
        3  Not Connected.
        4  Not Connected.
 External Power
        EPS1  /Not Connected.
        EPS2  /Not Connected.