Viewing, enabling, and modifying the TimeP protocol (Menu)

  1. From the Main Menu, select:

    2. Switch Configuration

    1. System Information

    System Information screen (default values)
  2. Press [E] (for Edit).

    The cursor moves to the System Name field.

  3. Move the cursor to the Time Sync Method field.
  4. If TIMEP is not already selected, use the Space bar to select TIMEP, then move to the TIMEP Mode field.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Use the Space bar to select the DHCP mode.

      • Move the cursor to the Poll Interval field.

      • Go to step 6.

    Enabling TIMEP or DHCP

    Time Sync Method [None] :   TIMEP
    TimeP Mode [Disabled] :     DHCP
    Poll Interval (min) [720] : 720
    Time Zone [0] :             0
    Daylight Time Rule [None] : None
    • Use the Spacebar to select the Manual mode.
      • Move the cursor to the Server Address field.

      • Enter the IP address of the TimeP server you want the switch to use for time synchronization.

        This step replaces any previously configured TimeP server IP address.

      • Move the cursor to the Poll Interval field, then go to step 6.

  6. In the Poll Interval field, enter the time in minutes that you want for a TimeP Poll Interval.
  7. Select [Enter] to return to the Actions line, then select [S] (for Save) to enter the new time protocol configuration in both the startup-config and running-config files.