Configuring ports (Menu)

The menu interface uses the same screen for configuring both individual ports and port trunk groups. For information on port trunk groups, see the chapter on "Port Trunking".

  1. From the Main Menu, select:

    2. Switch Configuration…

    2. Port/Trunk Settings

    Port/trunk settings with a trunk group configured
    =====================- TELNET - MANAGER MODE -=====================
                  Switch Configuration - Port/Trunk Settings
      Port     Type     Enabled      Mode      Flow Ctrl  Group  Type
      ----   -------- + --------  -----------  ---------  -----  -----
      A1     1000T    | Yes       Auto-10-100  Disable
      A2     1000T    | Yes       Auto-10-100  Disable
      A3     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable
      A3     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable
      A4     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable
      A5     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable
      A6     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable
      A7     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable    Trk1   Trunk
      A8     1000T    | Yes       Auto         Disable    Trk2   Trunk
     Actions->   Cancel    Edit    Save    Help
    Cancel changes and return to previous screen.
    Use arrow keys to change action selection and <Enter> to execute
  2. Press [E] (for Edit).

    The cursor moves to the Enabled field for the first port.

    For further information on configuration options for these features, see the online help provided with this screen.

  3. When you have finished making changes to the above parameters, press [Enter], then press [S] (for Save).