Changing the minimum interval for successive data change notifications for the same neighbor

If LLDP trap notification is enabled on a port, a rapid succession of changes in LLDP information received in advertisements from one or more neighbors can generate a high number of traps. To reduce this effect, you can globally change the interval between successive notifications of neighbor data change.


setmib lldpnotificationinterval.0 -i <1-3600>

Globally changes the interval between successive traps generated by the switch. If multiple traps are generated in the specified interval, only the first trap is sent. The remaining traps are suppressed. (A network management application can periodically check the switch MIB to detect any missed change notification traps. See IEEE P802.1AB or later for more information.)

(Default: 5 seconds)


The following command limits change notification traps from a particular switch to one per minute.

switch(config)# setmib lldpnotificationinterval.0 -i 60 lldpNotificationInterval.0=60