Validation rules



Attempts made to remove a nonexisting profile will return an error:

switch# no aaa authentication captive-portal profile NON_EXISTING_PROFILE

Captive portal profile NON_EXISTING_PROFILE not found.

When including the configured web address after the web address parameter:

[no] aaa authentication captive-portal profile myCaptivePortalProfile url http://myCPPM.local/guest/captive_portal_login.php

Invalid input:

A profile name with invalid syntax produces an error:

Switch# aaa authentication captive-portal-profile “this is an invalid name”

#aaa authentication captive-portal-profile “this is an invalid name” Invalid character ' ' in name.

When trying to modify a profile that is predefined, switch# aaa authentication captive-portal-profile name use-radius-vsa

Captive portal profile use-radius-vsa is read only and cannot be modified

A profile name that is too long produces an error:

switch# aaa authentication captive-portal-profiletest342...;ldklsdjflkdsjflk

The name must be fewer than 64 characters.

When attempting to configure more than the number of admin configured profiles,switch# aaa authentication captive-portal-profile profileNumber2

No more captive portal profiles may be created.