Configuring concurrent sessions per user

Configures the max concurrent sessions allowable per user in switches. The [no] command restores the default value.


console max-sessions 1-7

The default value in non-stackable and 5400R series switches is 6. The default value for stackable devices is 6.

Maximum session for a manager/operator

Configuring a value of 4 means that the Manager can have a maximum of 4 concurrent sessions and the Operator can also have a maximum of 4 concurrent sessions.

The allocations will be based on the current available free session (since the system as a whole can have only 6 to 7 concurrent sessions by default.

A session is allocated to a Manager or Operator only if the current allocation to the user is within the configured value. The session allocation thus happens based on the user sessions as well the max sessions available in the system.