Viewing MAC authentication settings on ports


show port-access mac-based config [port-list]
Displays the currently configured MAC authentication settings for all switch ports or specified ports, including:
  • MAC address format

  • Support for RADIUS-assigned dynamic VLANs (Yes or No)

  • Controlled direction setting for transmitting Wake-on-LAN traffic on egress ports

  • Authorized and unauthorized VLAN IDs

If the authorized or unauthorized VLAN ID value is 0, the default VLAN ID is used unless overridden by a RADIUS-assigned value.

Output for the show port-access mac-based Configuration command

Switch(config)# show port-access mac-based config

Port Access MAC-Based Configuration

 MAC Address Format : no-delimiter
 Allow RADIUS-assigned dynamic (GVRP) VLANs [No] : No

                Client Client Logoff Re-Auth Unauth   Auth    Cntrl
 Port  Enabled  Limit  Moves  Period Period  VLAN ID  VLAN ID Dir
 ----- -------- ------ ------ ------ ------- -------- ------- ----
 1     No       1      No     300    0       0        0       both
 2     Yes      1      No     300    0       0        0       in