Disable username prompt for management interface authentication in the Quick Base system

Authentication bypass for the username when logging on to the switch.


[no] aaa authentication disable-username

Use the disable-username command in manager mode to by-pass prompting username at the authentication feature of the switch. Execution of the above command on the switch enables the switch to bypass prompting username if applicable and only password is used for authentication only when both operator and manager usernames are default. The disable-username command will display an acceptance option and security warning message similar to the following:

Bypass username during authentication while logging 
into the device to get Manager or Operator access? (y/n)

Entering “y/Y” will complete setting the command.

The default configuration of the switch is to authenticate based on username and password. This command is disabled by default in the switch configuration. An event log message (warning) will be logged that relates to this command. The event log message with be similar to the following:

W 05/22/13 21:02:06 00419 auth: Bypassing the username 
for Operator and Manager access level is enabled

The protocols SFTP and SCP which are based on SSH will exhibit similar behavior as SSH.