Connecting a RADIUS server with a server group


[no] radius-server host <ip-address>

Adds a server to the RADIUS configuration or (with no) deletes a server from the configuration. You can configure up to fifteen RADIUS server addresses. The switch uses the first server it successfully accesses.


aaa server-group radius <group-name> host <ip-addr>

no aaa server-group radius <group-name> host <ip-addr>

Associates a RADIUS server with a server group. Each group can contain up to 3 RADIUS servers. The default group (called ‘radius'), can only contain the first three RADIUS servers. The default group cannot be edited.

The no form of the command removes the RADIUS server with the indicated IP address from the server group. If that server was the last entry in the group, the group is removed.

radius <group-name> : The group name of the RADIUS server group. The name has a maximum length of 12 characters. Up to five groups can be configured with a a maximum of three RADIUS servers in each group. The first group slot is used by the default group.

host <ip-addr> : The IP address of the RADIUS server used.