Displaying predefined features

  1. Run the show authorization command.
  2. Specify the feature parameter.
  3. Specify the detailed option.

In the following example, the details of the access-list feature are displayed.

Displaying predefined features. # show authorization feature access-list detailed
 access-list            IP access list related commands
   (W) command:debug acl
   (W) command:configure access-list
   (W) command:configure ip access-list
   (W) command:configure ipv6 access-list
   (W) command:configure s?vlan .* ip access-group
   (W) command:configure s?vlan .* ipv6 access-group
   (W) command:configure interface .* ip access-group
   (W) command:configure interface .* ipv6 access-group
   (W) command:configure interface tunnel .* ipv6 access-group
   (R) command:show access-list
   (R) command:show statistics aclv4
   (R) command:show statistics aclv6
   (R) command:display acl

To view all the predefined features in your system, enter:

# show authorization feature all detailed