DHCPv6 event messages



Debug messages

When the BST becomes full, to indicate that lease bindings are being dropped.

Unable to add binding for %x, %02x%02x%02x-%02x%02x%02x on port %s. BST is full.

When DHCPv6 packet validation fails (packets are received on which they are not expected to).

Dropping packet as validation failed, reason %s

When a Dynamic binding is replaced with a static binding on a particular port.

The dynamic binding for %s on port %s was replaced with a manual binding.

While an attempt to release an Ipv6 address from port which is leased to another port.

Unable to release. %02x%02x%02x-%02x%02x%02x is bound not bound to port %u.

Decline from client to server when client finds the address issued by server is already in use in the link where the client is connected.

%s: Decline offer from %x (server)of %x because the address is already assigned to another client.

Decline from client when server assigns an illegal Ipv6 address.

%s: Decline offer from %x (server) of %x because the address is illegal.

When TFTP transfer of binding state table is a success or failure.

TFTP of BST from the dsnoopv6 device is successful / failed.

When a DIPLDv6 enabled port is removed from a DsnoopV6 enabled vlan.

Port %u is removed from a dhcpv6-snooped VLAN

When DsnoopV6 is disabled globally which makes DIPLDv6 no longer configured?

Dhcpv6-snooping disabled globally, dynamic Ipv6 lockdown also disabled.

When DsnoopV6 is disabled on a particular VLAN which makes DIPLDv6 also disabled

Dhcpv6-snooping disabled on VLAN %s, dynamic Ipv6 lockdown also disabled.

When a port moved from SAVI-Trust to validating port.

Port %u is validating.

While adding a port to a trunk for which DIPLDv6 is already enabled.

Unable to add port %u to trunk, dynamic ipv6 lockdown is enabled on it.

While enabling DIPLDv6 on a port which is added to a trunk.

Unable to configure dynamic Ipv6 lockdown on port %u which is a part of a trunk.

While enabling DIPLDv6 on a port for which ACL is configured.

Unable to configure dynamic Ipv6 lockdown on port %u, ACL is configured on port.

When it is unable to add a lock on a particular VLAN for a particular port due to vlan deny rule.

Access was denied on VLAN %d, deny rule exists on the VLAN

When DIPLDv6 violations are detected on a VLAN

Access was denied on VLAN %d, %d packets received since last log.

When max-binding limit is reached on a Port

Max-binding limit reached on Port %s.