VLAN operating rules

These rules affect advertisements of VLANs in network policy TLVs:

  • The VLAN ID TLV subelement applies only to a VLAN configured for voice operation (vlan <vid> voice ).

  • If there are multiple voice VLANs configured on a port, LLDP-MED advertises the voice VLAN having the lowest VID.

  • The voice VLAN port membership configured on the switch can be tagged or untagged. However, if the LLDP-MED endpoint expects a tagged membership when the switch port is configured for untagged, or the reverse, a configuration mismatch results. (Typically, the endpoint expects the switch port to have a tagged voice VLAN membership.)

  • If a given port does not belong to a voice VLAN, the switch does not advertise the VLAN ID TLV through this port.