Policy elements

These policy elements may be statically configured on the switch or dynamically imposed during an authenticated session on the switch using a RADIUS server and 802.1X or MAC authentication. (Web authentication does not apply to VoIP telephones and other telecommunications devices that are not capable of accessing the switch through a Web browser.) The QoS and voice VLAN policy elements can be statically configured with the following CLI commands:

vlan <vid> voice

vlan <vid> {<tagged | untagged> <port-list>}

int <port-list> qos priority <0-7>

vlan <vid> qos dscp <codepoint>


A codepoint must have an 802.1p priority before you can configure it for use in prioritizing packets by VLAN-ID. If a codepoint you want to use shows No Override in the Priority column of the DSCP policy table (display with show qos-dscp map, then use qos-dscp map <codepoint> priority <0-7> to configure a priority before proceeding. For more information on this topic, see the "Quality of Service (QoS): Managing Bandwidth More Effectively" in the advanced traffic management guide for your switch.