General steps for configuring RPVST+

The general steps for configuring RPVST+ via the CLI are:

  1. Select RPVST+ as the active spanning tree mode by entering the following command:

    spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

    To begin with the default RPVST+ configuration (recommended), go to step 6.

  2. Configure global spanning tree parameters.
  3. Configure per-VLAN parameters.
  4. Configure per-port per-VLAN parameters. These commands affect RPVST+ operation on traffic associated with the specified VLANs through the specified ports.
  5. Configure per-port parameters. These commands affect RPVST+ operation for all traffic through the specified ports.
  6. Use one of the following commands to enable RPVST+ spanning tree operation on the switch:
    1. One or more selected VLANs: spanning-tree vlan <vid-list>
    2. The first 64 VLANs: spanning-tree

      Any VLANs in excess of the first 64 would have RPVST+ disabled. In this case, use the no spanning-tree vlan <vid-list> command to change the mix of RPVST+ enabled and disabled VLANs.

Additional configuration options include: