Configuring Smart Link

Use the following commands to configure Smart link:

  • Create a smart link group, using optional parameters as necessary:
    switch(config)# no smart-link group group-id
    master port
    slave port
    protected-vlans vid-list
    send-control-vlan vid
    preemption-mode {off | forced | bandwidth}
    preemption-delay 10...max
    trap {enable | disable}

    When executed without any parameters, this command enters into Smart link group context.

  • Configure VLANs to receive flush messages. This is an interface level command. It must be executed for both the master and the slave port.
    switch(config)# smart-link recv-control-vlan vid-list
  • Enable debug messages for a Smart link group:
    switch(config)#debug smart-link [group group-id | all] [flush-packets]