Viewing the BOOTP gateway

To display the configured BOOTP gateway for an interface (VLAN) or all interfaces, enter this command. You do not need to be in VLAN context mode.


show dhcp-relay bootp-gateway [vlan vid]

Displays the configured BOOTP gateway for a specified VLAN (interface.) If a specific VLAN ID is not entered, all VLANs and their configured BOOTP gateways display.

The following example shows an IP address being assigned to a gateway for VLAN 22, and then displayed using the show dhcp-relay bootp-gateway command.

Assigning a gateway to an interface and then displaying the information

switch(vlan-22)ip bootp-gateway
switch(vlan-22)# exit
switch(config)# show dhcp-relay bootp-gateway vlan 22

 BOOTP Gateway Entries

 VLAN                 BOOTP Gateway
 -------------------- --------------- 
 VLAN 22