Configuring a lease entry file for DHCPv6 snooping

Use this command to configure lease database transfer options for DHCPv6 snooping


[no] dhcpv6-snooping database [file <ASCII string>] [delay <15-86400>] [timeout <0-86400>]
file <ASCII string>

Specifies the database URL in the form: "tftp://<IP-ADDR>/<FILENAME>" with a maximum length of 255 characters, IP-ADDR can be an IPv4 or an IPv6 address. IPv6 addresses must be enclosed in square brackets.

delay <15-86400>

Specifies the seconds to delay before writing to the lease database file. Valid values are 15 to -86400. Default is 300 seconds.

timeout <0-86400>

Specifies the seconds to wait for the lease file transfer to finish before a failure message is displayed. Valid values are 0 to 86400. Default is 300 seconds. If 0 is specified, the file transfer is retried indefinitely.