About the ArubaOS-Switch Manuals for 16.07

The ArubaOS-Switch manuals describe the features for the ArubaOS-Switch Series and guide you through the software configuration process. These manuals also provide configuration examples to help you apply the software features to different network scenarios.

This guide provides brief descriptions of what is found in each of the guides in the ArubaOS-Switch documentation suite.

Links to the ArubaOS-Switch documentation can be found in the HPE Information Library at www.hpe.com/networking/resourcefinder or on the HPE Support Center (www.hpe.com/support/manuals).

ArubaOS-Switch manuals Content
Access Security Guide

Provides information on how to configure access security features and user authentication on the switch.

This guide includes:

  • Username and password security

  • Virus throttling

  • Web-based, MAC and local MAC authentication

  • MAC, IPv4 ACLs, ACL grouping

  • Infrastructure MACsec



  • Open authentication

  • RBAC

  • Password complexity

  • Secure web management

  • SSH

  • SSL

  • Port security

  • Authorized IP management

  • Key Management System

  • Traffic and security configuration

  • Access control (802.1X)

  • Device Fingerprinting

  • Secure mode configuration

  • Certificate manager

  • Suite-B Cryptography conformance

  • User-based lockout compliance

Advanced Traffic Management Guide

Provides information on how to configure traffic management features such as VLANs, MSTP, QoS, and meshing.

This guide includes:

  • Static VLANs

  • GVRP

  • MVRP

  • Multiple instance spanning tree operation

  • Loop protection

  • Source VLAN filtering

  • RPVST+


  • Private VLANs

  • Switch meshing

  • QoS

  • Stack management

  • BYOD-redirect

  • QinQ

  • Classifier based software configuration

  • MAC classes

  • Smart link

Basic Operation Guide

Provides information on how to use the switch interfaces and introduces basic operations.

This guide includes:

  • Getting started

  • Using the menu interface

  • ArubaOS switch UI

  • Preview mode

  • Using the Command LIne Interface

  • Configuring the switch

  • Managing interface access and system information

  • Configuring IP addressing

  • Managing switch software

  • Daylight Savings Time

  • Power saving

  • Compliance

  • DLDP

  • Mobile web interface

Event Log Message Reference Guide

Provides a comprehensive description of event log messages.

Feature and Command Index

Provides a list of key features and which manual contains information on the feature. And provides a list of commands and which manual contains information on the command.

IPv6 Configuration Guide

Provides information on the IPv6 protocol operations that are supported on the switch.

This guide includes:

  • IPv6 addressing configuration

  • IPv6 management and security

  • Multicast Listener Discovery snooping

  • IPv6 ACLs

  • IPv6 routing and static routing

  • IPv6 router advertisements

  • DHCPv6-Relay

  • OSPFv3 routing

  • PIMv6

  • IPv6 tunneling over IPv4

  • Service insertion

  • IPv6 diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • IPv6 network defense ND snooping and detection

Management and Configuration Guide

Provides information on how to configure, manage, and monitor basic switch operation.

This guide includes:

  • Time synchronization

  • Resource usage

  • Hardware components

  • Port status and configuration

  • 100 Mbps support for Smart Rate ports

  • PoE/PoE+ operation

  • Port trunking

  • Port traffic controls

  • Fault-Finder port-level link-flap

  • Configuring for Network Management Applications

  • DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 server

  • Captive portal for ClearPass

  • ZTP with AirWave and Central

  • Auto configuration upon Aruba AP detection

  • Link Aggregation Control Protocol-Multi-Active detection

  • File transfers

  • Monitoring and analyzing switch operation

  • Virtual technician

  • Scalability

  • Job scheduler

  • Configuration backup and restore without reboot

  • Device Profile

  • LLDP

  • Virtual Switching Framework

  • IP SLA

  • Aruba Central integration

  • Easing Wired/Wireless deployment feature integration

  • IPSec for AirWave connectivity

  • Local user roles

  • Port QoS trust mode

  • Tunneled node

  • Time Domain Reflectometry

  • Link layer discovery protocol bypass authentication

  • Net-destination and Net-service

  • Static IP visibility

  • Network OOBM

  • Chassis redundancy for 5400R series

  • Smart Rate technology

  • HPE networking 6th generation switch ASIC

  • MAC address management

MIB and Trap Support Matrix

Provides a matrix showing the MIBs and Traps supported for each software feature found in ArubaOS-Switch.

Multicast and Routing Guide

Provides information on how to configure IGMP, PIM, IP routing, and VRRP features.

This guide includes:

  • IGMP


  • Routing basics, Static routing

  • Log violation of Blackhole route

  • RIP

  • RIPv2 MD5 authentication

  • RIPng

  • OSPF

  • Route policy

  • ICMP router discovery protocol

  • DHCP

  • UDP

  • VRRP

  • BGP

  • BFD

  • Bonjour and Chromecast discovery with mDNS

OpenFlow v1.3 Administrator Guide

Provides information for OpenFlow configuration and administration, OpenFlow command syntax descriptions, and troubleshooting actions.

This guide includes:

  • OpenFlow configuration

  • OpenFlow Group table

  • OpenFlow per-flow rate limiting

  • OpenFlow custom pipeline

  • OpenFlow match on TCP flags and L4 port ranges

  • Push and pop VLAN

  • Show commands

  • Troubleshooting OpenFlow

Service Insertion Guide

Provides information on the general steps and individual commands for enabling Service Insertion on ArubaOS-Switch.

This guide includes:

  • Network device service insertion

  • Hardware IP tunnels

  • Troubleshooting service insertion

Software Feature Support Matrix
Provides a list of ArubaOS-Switch features and which of the following software platforms the feature is supported on.
  • 3810 KB

  • 5400Rzl2 KB

  • 2930F WC

  • 2930M WC

  • 2920 WB

  • 2540 YC

  • 2530 YA/YB