Assigning a priority for a global source-port classifier

This global QoS packet-marking option assigns a priority to all outbound packets having the specified source-port.

This option can be configured by either specifying the source-port ahead of the qos command or moving to the port context for the port you want to configure for priority. For configuring multiple source-ports with the same priority, it is easier to use the interface port-list command to go to the port context instead of individually configuring the priority for each port.


interface port-list qos priority 0 - 7

Configures an 802.1p priority for packets entering the switch through the specified (source) ports. This priority determines the packet queue in the outbound ports to which traffic is sent. If a packet leaves the switch on a tagged port, it carries the 802.1p priority with it to the next downstream device. You can configure one QoS classifier for each source-port or group of source-ports.

Default: No-override


no interface port-list

Disables use of the specified source-ports for QoS classifiers and resets the priority for the specified source-ports to No-override.


show qos port-priority

Lists the QoS port-priority classifiers with their priority data.

Prioritizing inbound traffic on source-ports

Prioritizing inbound traffic on the following source-ports:



A1 - A3




B1, B4




Enter the following commands to prioritize packets received from the specified source ports:
Configuring and Viewing source-port QoS priorities
If you later decided to remove source-port A1 from QoS prioritization, you would enter the following command:
Returning a QoS-prioritized VLAN to "No-override" status