Self-signed certificate

Self-signed certificates are generated and digitally signed by the switch utilizing the same key used to create the certificate. Self-signed certificates are not signed by a certificate authority (CA) so they can not be tracked to a trusted root such as a Trust Anchor or CA. A self signed certificate allows the communication connection to be encrypted, not authenticated. There is no guarantee on the behavior of a browser when using a self-signed certificate, see the table below for examples of operating system and browser compatibility.


Our self-signed certificates are signed with sha256withRSAEncryption. Administrators do not have the choice between sha1withRSAEncryption and sha256withRSAEncryption for self-signed certificates. This can effect or limit your ability to upgrade to K.15.14 and above.

Self-signed certificate browser compatibility


Operating System

Google Chrome

Windows 7+, Mac OS X 10.5+

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Windows 7+

Mozilla Firefox 1.5



Mac OS X 10.5+


sha256withRSAEncryption is not compatible with certain operating system and browser combinations. It is supported in Google Chrome on operating systems Windows Vista and above only.