Additional password command option

There is an additional password command option that allows the setting of a password for the ROM console. See Configuring Username and Password Security for more information about setting passwords on the switch.


password <manager | operator>[username <ASCII-STR>][sha1<hashed-password>] 
 password <rom-console> | all 
 [no] password port-access [username <ASCII-STR>]

Sets or clears the local password/user name for a given access level. If no password is entered in the command, you are prompted twice to enter the password. When the switch is in enhanced secure mode, the password for manager, operator, and the ROM console must be at least 8 characters long. The ROM password cannot be set or changed in the Web Agent. When the no form of the command is executed, the command removes specific local password protection. Note: The port-access option is available only if “includecredentials” is enabled.