Characteristics of Mixed Port Access Mode

  • The port keeps tagged VLAN assignments continuously.

  • The port sends broadcast traffic from the VLANs even when there are only guests authorized on the port.

  • Guests cannot be authorized on any tagged VLANs.

  • Guests can use the same bandwidth, rate limits and QoS settings that may be assigned for authenticated clients on the port (via RADIUS attributes).

  • When no authenticated clients are authorized on the untagged authenticated VLAN, the port becomes an untagged member of the guest VLAN for as long as no untagged packets are received from any authenticated clients on the port.

  • New guest authorizations are not allowed on the port if at least one authenticated client is authorized on its untagged VLAN and the guest VLAN is not the same as the authenticated client’s untagged VLAN.


If you disable mixed port access mode, this does not automatically remove guests that have already been authorized on a port where an authenticated client exists. New guests are not allowed after the change, but the existing authorized guests will still be authorized on the port until they are removed by a new authentication, an untagged authorization, a port state change, and so on.