Messages related to RADIUS operation



Can’t reach RADIUS server <x.x.x.x>.

A designated RADIUS server is not responding to an authentication request. Try pinging the server to determine whether it is accessible to the switch. If the server is accessible, then verify that the switch is using the correct encryption key and that the server is correctly configured to receive an authentication request from the switch.

No servers responding.

The switch is configured for and attempting RADIUS authentication, however it is not receiving a response from a RADIUS server. Ensure that the switch is configured to access at least one RADIUS server. (Use show radius.) If you also see the message Can’t reach RADIUS server <x.x.x.x>, try the suggestions listed for that message.

Not legal combination of authentication methods.

Indicates an attempt to configure local as both the primary and secondary authentication methods. If local is the primary method, then none must be the secondary method.