WebAgent windows when using command authorization

When using Commands authorization, the WebAgent windows may show or hide fields, or allow or deny configuration steps, based on the access or deny list (VSA filtering) for the authenticated user. The following differences may be seen depending on the authorized commands in effect:

  • When none of the fields in a window are editable, that is, they are read-only, the Change button is disabled and grayed out.

  • When an option is not editable, the Change button is grayed out.

  • A field that is not allowed for viewing is blank.

  • A window or sections of a window may be hidden.

  • Contents of table rows, table columns, and individual table fields can be:
    • Editable, including delete permission

    • Read-only (no delete permission)

    • Inaccessible, and hidden from display

  • If there are some configured VLANs for which a field is hidden, for example, the Name column, and configuring a new VLAN is allowed, the currently configured VLANs appear in the Name column with a grayish background. The Name column is only completely hidden if configuring the Name (or any specified column or field) for all VLANs is not allowed.

  • When there is a check box for enabling/disabling a feature and that feature is not allowed, the check box is disabled.

Fields in a window that are marked as “na” are not accessible and are light gray background. The contents are blank. A selection can be missing from the navigation tree in the left pane as well, for example, the Configuration Report. The Wizard utility is not accessible in the Navigation pane if the setup command is not allowed.

If the user is not authorized to use the WebAgent, the WebAgent displays a blank window with a message that states “You are not authorized to access Web UI”.

In some cases, there may be authorization to configure a subset of options or values. One of the following messages may appear:
  • You are not authorized to configure <value> for <option>

  • You are authorized to configure only <value_1>, <value_2> values for <option>

  • You are not authorized to <operation><value>, where <operation> can be delete/upload/download, and <value> is the configured value.