[no]include-credentials store-in-config option

The [no]include-credentials command disables include-credentials. Credentials continue to be stored in the active and inactive configurations, but are not displayed in the config file.

When [no]include-credentials is used with the store-in-config option, includecredentials is disabled and the credentials stored in the config files are removed. The switch is restored to its default state and only stores one set of operator/manager passwords and SSH keys. If you choose to execute the [no]include-credentials store-in-config command, you are also presented with the option of setting new switch passwords.

You are queried about retaining the current SSH authorized keys on the switch. If you enter “y”, the currently active authorized key files are renamed to the pre-include-credentials names, for example:

/file/mgr_auth_keys.2 -> /file/mgr_auth_keys /

/file/authorized_keys.2 -> /file/authorized_keys

All remaining authorized keys files with an extension are deleted.

Example of [no] include-credentials store-in-config messages and options