802.1X port access credentials

802.1X authenticator (port access) credentials can be stored in a configuration file. 802.1X authenticator credentials are used by a port to authenticate supplicants requesting a point-to-point connection to the switch. 802.1X supplicant credentials are used by the switch to establish a point-to-point connection to a port on another 802.1X-aware switch. Only 802.1X authenticator credentials are stored in a configuration file.

The local password configured with the password command is no longer accepted as an 802.1X authenticator credential. A new configuration command password port-access is introduced to configure the local operator user name and password used as 802.1X authentication credentials for access to the switch.

The password port-access values are now configured separately from the manager and operator passwords configured with the password manager and password operator commands and used for management access to the switch.

After you enter the complete password port-access command syntax, the password is set. You are not prompted to enter the password a second time.