SNMP Security Credentials

SNMPv1 community names and write-access settings, and SNMPv3 user names continue to be saved in the running configuration file even when you enter the include-credentials command.

In addition, the following SNMPv3 security parameters are also saved:

snmpv3 user “<name>"[auth <md5|sha>“<auth pass>"][priv “<priv-pass>"]



Is the name of an SNMPv3 management station.

[auth <md5|sha>

List the (optional) authentication method used for the management station.

“<auth pass>"

Is the hashed authentication password used with the configured authentication method.

[priv “<priv-pass>"]

Is the (optional) hashed privacy password used by a privacy protocol to encrypt SNMPv3 messages between the switch and the station.

The following example shows the additional security credentials for SNMPv3 users that can be saved in a running-config file.

Example of security credentials saved in the running-config

Although you can enter an SNMPv3 authentication or privacy password in either clear ASCII text or the SHA-1 hash of the password, the password is displayed and saved in a configuration file only in hashed format, see Example of security credentials saved in the running-config.

See “Configuring for Network Management Applications” in the management and configuration guide for your switch for more information about the configuration of SNMP security parameters.