Local user and password Length

To set the minimum password length for manager, operator, and local management privilege user, use the following command.


[no] password < manager | operator | port-access | all > [user-name ASCII-STR ] [ < plaintext | sha1 > ASCII-STR] minimum-length num
  • <manager|operator|port-access|all> - Level of access.

  • user-name ASCII-STR - Username (up to 64 characters).

  • <plaintext|sha1> ASCII-STR - Format for the password entry, and the password itself (up to 64 characters). 'plaintext' is default type, and the only type accepted for 'port-access'.

  • minimum-length - Minimum number of permissible characters required to set a new password. Sets or clears the local password/user name to access levels of manager, operator, and local management. Configures minimum password length for a given access level equal to or greater than 15 alpha/numeric digits. Invoked without [no], the command sets or changes the existing passwords. If no password is provided in the command, the user is prompted to enter the new password twice. The command removes specific local password protection. The option password minimum-lenght configures the minimum password length applicable to the manager, operator, or local management. The range available for minimum password length is 0 to 64.


Configure operator access.


Configure manager access.


Configure all available types of access.


Configure minimum password length.


“Port-access” is available only if “include-credentials” is enabled.