Viewing port-access information

The show port-access summary command displays the dynamically changed client limit settings.


show port-access summary [radius-overridden]

Displays summary configuration information for all ports, including the ports that have client limits set by RADIUS VSAs.


Displays only the ports with client limits that are overridden by RADIUS attributes.


If the command no aaa port-access authentication <port-list> client-limit is executed, the port access is in port-mode.

If the 802.1X client-limit is configured with a value from 1-32, the port access is in user-mode.

Example of summary configuration information showing RADIUS overridden client limits

To display the configuration information for just those ports that are dynamically overridden by RADIUS attributes, use the show port-access summary radius-overridden command.

Example of output for client-limit values that are RADIUS overridden