Setting passwords and user names


You can configure manager and operator passwords in one step.


[no] password {manager | operator | port-access | all} [user-name name] [{ plaintext | sha1} ASCII-STR]

Sets or clears a local user name/password for a given access level. The command sets or changes existing passwords. If no password is provided in the command, you are prompted to enter the new password twice.

The [no] form of the command removes specific local password protection.


The port-access option is available only if include-credentials is enabled.

When the switch is in enhanced secure mode, password entry displays as asterisks.



Configures access to the switch with manager-level privileges.


Configures access to the switch with operator-level privileges.


Configures network access to the switch for 802.1X clients.


Configures all available types of access.

user-name name

The optional text string of the user name associated with the password. Range: 0 to 64 characters.

{plaintext | sha1} ASCII-STR

Format for the password entry, and the password itself (up to 64 characters). Specifies the type of algorithm (if any) used to hash the password. Valid values are plaintext or sha-1 The default type is plaintext, which is also the only type accepted for the port-access parameter.