Console access

Console access includes both the menu interface and the CLI. There are two levels of console access: Manager and Operator. For security, you can set a password pair (Username and Password) on each of these levels.


User names are optional. Passwords are configured in the menu interface. Usernames are configured in the CLI.

You can use SNMP to configure usernames and passwords for Manager and Operator access. See Using SNMP to view and configure switch authentication features.

You can use the Management Interface Wizard to configure user names and passwords for Manager and Operator access. See Using the Management Interface wizard.

Level Actions permitted
Manager Access to all console interface areas (the default).

To prevent operators without the proper credentials from accessing the console interface, set manager passwords before starting the current console session.

Operator Access to the Status and Counters menu, the Event Log, and the CLI, but no configuration capabilities. On the operator level, the configuration menus, Download OS, and Reboot Switch options in the Main menu are not available.1

Allows use of the ping, link-test, show, menu, exit, and logout commands, plus the enable command if you can provide the manager password.